Our Policy

Quality Policy

Our company is committed to:

In our company, which considers the health and safety of its workers as an integrated component of efficiency, all the necessary studies and precautions have been carried out in accordance with local and national laws, regulations and standards related to the subject.

In this domain an occupational health and safety committee has been established at local and global bases, periodic meetings have been organized with the participation of foremen, and improvements have been made to ongoing developments. All of our employees and our solution partners have received periodic training from our job security specialists and the effectiveness of the training has been measured in place by our specialist engineers.

Personal protective equipment was supplied in accordance with standards and delivered to all personnel concerned. Our employees and partners are made aware of this through training in the use of the equipment mentioned.

The instructions for worker health and job security according to the subjects were established by considering the risks that may arise and these documents were distributed to employees.

 By assessing all the risks in terms of occupational diseases and safety at work, the danger is eliminated in its source with the participation of our employees and we do not target any industrial accident and occupational disease All our employees and solution partners cooperate and take all necessary job security measures. Each project manager is responsible for taking and applying the required measures related to their operations.

Environmental policy

The high level management realizes the cooperation of all the employees according to predetermined policies and strategies by trainings inside or outside the company and with the supply of the most effective internal communication processes, the necessary conditions for the work focused on the customer with quality control, process completion period, customer satisfaction, process cost and delivery time indicators.

Our short term goal is to expand our existing market in the international arena. Rail Telecom has occupied a place among the successful companies in the telecommunications sector with positive relationships with its customers, efficient use of its resources, unquestionable quality of service, high planning for continuous development and improvement and absolute support employees.

Health and Safety Policy

The health of people and the environment is protected as effectively as possible by measurements of the electromagnetic zone by qualified personnel while maintaining the limit values in accordance with international standards and regulations.

During project implementation, pollution is tried to be avoided at the source location, taking into account the conditions of the work area and environmental effects.

In the event of an accident or emergency that may occur during our activities, measures are implemented to minimize damage to the environment.

All our staff and our solution partners are aware of the protection of environmental health and are subject to periodic training in this area.

All our staff and our solution partners in our fields of activity work in cooperation to achieve the objectives of our policy. Each project manager is responsible for taking the necessary measures concerning their operations and applying them.