About Us

Rail Telecom is a prestigious company which has started to play big roles in Tele-communication arena. RailTelecom offers high quality services which can feed the responses and fulfill the prospects of companies in GSM/GSM-R sector from A to Z. 

The main aim of Rail Telecom is to assist its Mother company to maintain the GSM-R Network and GSM operators for integration with continually growing technological trends and work more efficiently by providing globally qualified services.

At the same time, Rail Telecom serves the subject about application of new Technologies to customers with its experienced and educated team. And this makes its customers also priviledged in their market.

Rail Telecom has proven that it is a prestigious, effective company and has a powerful organization among all GSM companies by means of its references, successfully completed projects, strong organization and management. Moreover, Rail Telecom is a center which provides all kinds of services that you might need in communication sector with its variety of technical equipments, service policy, physical and social capabilities.

Rail Telecom is continually growing with both national and international cooperations.